Hi guys!, I’m so exited!! because after much effort, worked hard and perseverance, today, Jun 10 2018, MINDWALKER has released its second LP titled BURNING PAST on all digital platforms (Spotify, Itunes, Apple Music, Deezer, Amazon, etc)
I would like to take this opportunity to thank mainly to the following people: Chris Clancy, who participated as lead singer and made a key contribution to the album’s vocal line with his amazing talent; Nathalie Markoch, who helped me embed the lyrics I originally had in a more professional way into the genre for which they were composed; Mike Lukanz, who helped me in the drums process with additional arrangements, and Gustavo Sazes who made an increbible and fantastic artwork!!

And of course, thanks to my friends Nelson Navarro, Gabriel Hidalgo, Rafael Nuñez Salcedo and Adolfo Gazzo Castañeda that they checked my mixing in several times!



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New lyric video for our first single!

Following the oficial release of their debut album «Walking Alone» the band will soon release their 1st promotional single with a lyric video for one of the tracks, this will be produced by Alan Costa from Arte Master Productions, (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

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A new start

Hello Everybody!

I am very excited to announce that I started a new musical project called MINDWALKER from Lima – Peru and our Long Play “WALKING ALONE” is already available for you to hear!

The album was created based on different personal experiences, among which the last period of my life spent in Peru is highlighted. It is a lonely yet very enriching episode of my life that has allowed me to exploit new ideas in a musical genre that differs from the one I have been exercising so far.

In Walking Alone you will find harmony, darkness and especially loneliness.
If you are into bands like Charon, Darkseed or Sentenced, then listening to MINDWALKER is a must!

Links where you can listen to the album:

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